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How many members are in the band?


Our lineup is flexible, ranging from 2 - 6 pieces tailored to perfectly suit your event.



Does the band provide music between the sets?


Yes, for most bookings we can provide some background music played on our MP3 player to ensure the music doesn't stop all night.


How long does the band play for?

As little or as much as you like, we are happy to adjust the quote to reflect your desired event. When planning your night keep in mind that our standard set length is 45 minutes long and we usually require a short break between sets which can usually be organised around the formalities of your event such as speeches. Feel free to contact us for any help scheduling your event.



How do I choose what music will be played by the band over the course of the night?


Moonglow has a well-curated list of tunes to choose from, please inquire within and we will happily send you a copy of our song list. We will also happily do our best to accommodate any requests provided enough time is available to prepare. We recommend giving us an indication of your favourite songs so you can leave it up to the band to finely select the perfect songs for the event.


Does Moonglow provide a sound system?


We work with the finest A/V professionals in the industry to ensure your event sounds and looks great, please let us know if you require assistance providing the right A/V for your event.


How can I book you for my event?


Get in touch with us using our contact form below or send an email to


We look forward to hearing from you.


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